Brown Sugar Spiced Salmon

Well, my family has dubbed another recipe a keeper!  

My kids like most mild-tasting seafood, but have had a hard time adjusting to the stronger flavor of salmon.  After trying the brown sugar version they were hooked! They did ask me to make it a little less spicy next time, so you might want to reduce the amount of pepper if you have little ones (or if you don’t like it hot).

I served this dish with steamed asparagus and a King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll.

You can click here to go to the recipe.  If you try it come back and let me know how it turned out!


Homemade Brown Sugar

A couple of photo-20150322114948449weeks ago I was making pancake syrup for some really sweet college kids and realized that I didn’t have enough brown sugar to make as much as I wanted them to have. I went ahead and gave them partial bottles and promised them a refill once their bottles were empty. In the
meantime I started thinking…there has to be a way to make brown sugar from home.

After a few minutes of searching Pinterest I found a recipe from Martha Stewart’s website. I decided to give it a try since I was making a sweet potato souffle that afternoon and needed brown sugar for the topping.

The steps were super simple (check out the recipe for exact amounts):

1. Measure out white sugar


2. Pour in molasses


3. Mix until well combined and you have awesome brown sugar!

Here’s a photo of the souffle topping where I used the homemade brown sugar (brown sugar, pecans, flour & butter).