Last minute, Easy, Thanksgiving Decoration!

If you are a Cricut user I’ve got a super quick (and easy) project to personalize your Thanksgiving table.  I used Cricut Faux Leather, but you can use whatever you want – cardstock, real leather, acetate, etc.

  1. If you look in design space and search for “napkin ring” it will pull up lots of options.  I chose the plain circle because I wanted to add additional things to the ring (you can keep it even simpler by choosing a pre-designed one).  
  2. Search for “leaf” in design space and chose two that you like.
  3. Slice the letter of your choice by searching for the font you want, type the letter, ungroup the leaf, put the letter where you want, click and drag to select the leaf and the letter
  4. Click slice.  
  5. Move the leaf to show the slice and delete the sliced out letter.
  6. Cut as normal.

Then I used crafty power tape to assemble everything.  After I got everything together I realized that I didn’t like the way the “C” looked so I cut a smaller leaf and put it behind the larger leaf with the “C”.

I’d love to hear about what you are crafting for Thanksgiving so please drop me a note.  If you like this post please comment, like and share with your friends.